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" I was at this treatment over seven years ago. I went in Nov ended just before christmas2009 I am from the blood reserve. My time there was awesome I went to round dances for the first time and had so much fun. We shared in feasts with the people whom invited us to their Christmas dinner. They made us feel right at home and shared in so many laughs . I have alway given this credit for helping me to work thru my issues. It was such a beautiful experience for me cause I came from a place I never want to go back too. I am proud to say I've been sober now for over seven years and I took all I learned from the workers and applied it to my life. I worked on me I still am a work in progress but I have gotten so much strentgh now that I felt it was time to thank all the staff for helping me outta the dark. My thought and prayers for you all. Thank u so much for helping me to walk the red path I hope one day I can return to finish what I started and get my aa book one day I will u wait and see! "

10 September 2023

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