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" The height of the platform and the train is not the same, terrible access if accessed by walking as there are barely any sidewalk "

30 December 2023


" This station is so good if you ask my opinion. but the cross-section with the road is so narrow, traffic the day.

Pondok Ranji Station (PDJ) is a railway station on the KA Commuter Jabodetabek Green Line in East Ciputat, South Tangerang.

The station is located at the elevation of +25 metres above sea level. Pondok Ranji is one of two stations serving the Bintaro housing area, along with Jurangmangu, located about 2 kilometers southwest.

LocationJalan Stasiun Pondok Ranji
East Ciputat, South Tangerang 15412
Banten Indonesia "

28 July 2023


" Whoever designed this station so you have a 5+ minute hike from the entrance to the tracks, kinda failed. Make sure you arrive early, it sucks having to run that far with luggage. Nice, clean station, though. "

11 April 2023


" Station is a bit crowded on the outside. A bit dangerous for online taxi "

09 March 2023


" Favorite public transportation for Pondok Ranji and Pondok Aren people, excellent service for PT. KAI Crew. Excellent service for cleaning service that makes this station always clean. Have large parking for motorcycle but for cars not have many space. We can find minimarket/bakery shop in this station "

25 November 2023


" As usual KRL station in Metro Jakarta, very bad access to get in to the station, very bad pedestrian ways. But the station equipped well as standard "

26 October 2023


" The platforms was nice but need to consider to have another access to it which separates with public transport route. "

11 October 2023


" The station facility is just okay.
The access to get there is chaotic. Too many indiscipline angkot parking carelessly right across the station gate. These angkot make the traffic flow obstructed. It gets worse during peak hours. "

04 September 2023


" The station itself is okay, but the road to get into the station is still nokay. The staffs are so nice. "

18 July 2023


" Actually it is the nearest train station if you lived around Ciputat. But....during the rush hour whether it's morning or evening, even at still crowded because the road is too narrow and too many cars, motorcycle and angkot.

Come and feel the experience :) "

07 May 2023


" It's quite straightforward. Outta train, walk directly to the gate. "

15 March 2023


" Stasiun kecil dengan lingkungan sekitar yg macet, KRL di jalur ini sering ditahan2 mendahulukan Kereta Ekspres.. "

22 February 2023


" The frequent of commuterline must be added. It is very crowded especially in work hour. "

05 January 2023


" Traffic jam anytime due to gate for railway. No coffee shop. No place for hangout. "

13 September 2023

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