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" Salah satu mall di kelapa gading. Biasa kesini buat cr makan atau belanja keperluan sehari2 di diamond supermarket. Restoran lumayan byk dan lengkap. Tinggal pilih restoran yg disuka. Hampir sua fastfood ada disini. Ada kidzoona buat main anak. "

29 May 2018


" A great place to hang around.
Everything you are looking for is in there, from food till make-up; movie theater till gym.
Also, the price is still reasonably cheap.
The place is easily spotted from the main road.
It has ACE Hardware inside it and 2 types of food courts. "

12 April 2018


" This is best place to spend your time.

Mall Artha Gading (MAG) have many food court and shop store.
There are many store to shopping and you can watch movie on XXI (TwentyOne)
The architecture is damn so good. I really like it💕
I want go to there again soon😭 "

23 March 2018


" This mall offers many things for satisfying your shopping and eating desire. You can find supermarket here. Thus, many tenants are also available here, from beauty to furniture. If you are hungry, you can find the food court or choose to eat in your favorite restaurant. Then, if you need to pee, the toilets are easy to be found. Overall, I like being in this mall. "

05 January 2018


" Not a fancy shopping mall nowadays. Not all of the shops are open. Actually, the design of the mall is quiet good, but it looks old and dark, especially on the third floor. It has 'SAMSAT' tenant where you can pay your vehicle's tax and prolong your driving license. The XXI cinema is quiet fancy but a little bit small. "

04 December 2017


" One of my favorite mall over my life. There are several great restaurants, and suitable for kids. There are several great place for kids to play at. I believe that this mall will be a great place for you to hang out with family, friend and relatives. The parking parks are well managed, both for the parking building and outdoor parking. There is a taiwanese bakery which is so delicious. You should come to MAG :) "

19 November 2017


" This is best mall for shopping. They have ACE Hardware. Diamonds Supermarket. Also have a Great food area. Very recommend for of you to spend your weekend to visit this mall "

02 November 2017


" Mall with complete shops and facilities, people at any level from middle until high & any races visit here. Here is comfort to walk around with beloved family or lover with clean toilets and friendly employees and the supermarket area at basement is unique but daily maintenance needed to keep the mall always having been insect-free and cooler air "

15 September 2017


" There are small alleyways that doesn't make sense and the shops are tend to be quite hidden there. The design and ambience of the mall is quite quirky for me.

At the top floor you can a Gerai SIM and STNK for your vehicle and license registration purposes. "

03 September 2017


" This mall is huge and easy to access. Its a good place to hang around because lots of food stall and restaurant but not much to offer if you are here to do shopping. "

18 August 2017


" The mall is just getting better now with lot more new stores opening. Great alternative to go in Kelapa Gading area. (Aug, 2017) "

02 August 2017


" Nice place for hangout, quiet enough not too crowded. Have a good parking lot, especially for motorcycle.
A lot of food and playing places. Have a cinema too with cheap price of ticket, and so in "

09 July 2017


" A mid-end mall with a lot of shopping, dining, and playing choices.
Diamond at the basement is one of the most complete and trusted supermarket. It's always packed there especially on the weekends! "

24 June 2017


" The cinema is good. They offer many food stall beside restaurants. Good for bring children to play the game at fun place. Even they have parking lot for more than 1000 cars, you still get head-burn to find on saturday or sunday. "

02 May 2017


" This mall is my preferred entertainment destination on weekends and holidays.

- It doesn't feel too crowded even though there's plenty of people.
- Lots of parking options.
- Going out to watch a movie, or just to find a place to eat or just to browse around the stores, this is the best place, because it had plenty selection to chose from. "

16 April 2017


" Medium class shopping mall with one busy supermarket where you can easily get fresh products. Also has cinema complex, a department store and home equipment store. Also has one local bookstore and a fitness center "

06 March 2017


" This mall has smallers selections of brands and shops. Most of the shops are not of high quality. The food court is a little below average. Some of the floors are very empty without tenants. Only go here for Diamond Supermarket. It is cheap and has fresh beef meat and chicken. "

17 February 2017


" Diamond Supermarket a family supermarket located @ basement of MAG provide complete range of fresh grocery, fruits, meats, poultry, foods & beverages with a reasonable & competitive prices. "

10 December 2016


" The only reason I go here is diamond supermarket and ace hardware. The mall itself is not very interesting. But there's a lot of furniture store on the top floor. "

15 October 2016


" It has all you need to hanging around with your family or loved one like XXI cineplex, happy family karaoke, or a bowling alley. There also Gramedia book store, Informa, some independent furniture showroom, ace hardware etc to look around. There also a lot variety of restaurants. Unfortunately in my oppinion the quality and taste of those cullinary is not as good as other branch outside artha gading. Dont know how. What I hate the most is that the stairs here make us walking around a lot before reach our destination and sometimes the air conditioning is rather hot. I also had experiences 2 times blackout in this place and it needs several minutes before the electric genset is working. "

27 August 2016


" This mall is a one stop place for what you want.
Dine, shop, pray, play, do the gym, yoga, bowling, watch movie, kids entertainment, karaoke, tailoring, pharmacy, hair dress and beautician, courier service, banking, etc.
Dine? from western food to local dishes, high to friendly end month prices, you can find it here. Restaurant, fast food, food court, small corner cheap shop. This mall provide the whole month friendly prices - specially for monthly paid employee like me.
For groceries shop, they got Diamond; which provide low price of some goods after certain purchase. Matahari, ACE Hardware, Informa, Gramedia, Electronic City, Daiso, Jewellery shop, optics, gadget store, Kids Zone also available.
They also have function hall as well. The parking area is huge.
Many event held at this mall. It's quiet encourage us to visit.

For Moslem, this mall provide at least 3 Musholla (prayer room). 1st musholla at the basement for employee or people at parking area. 2nd at the 1st floor - for people who is in the middle of shopping or dining, And 3rd at 6th floor - next to entertainment zone - bowling alley and cinema.

Great place to be visited. "

19 August 2016


" Suasana di MAG bwt ap aj asyik "

25 July 2016


" This mall at kelapa gading. Behind Mall of Indonesia. I almost one a week go there. I always go diamond to buy monthly life things. And also have ace hardware. To make easy life "

04 July 2016


" Very complete shops similar to Puri Indah Mall or Pondok Indah mall. Its a community mall for people living in Kelapa Gading "

05 June 2016

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