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" Nice vibrant with a huge collections, including arts, mutimedia, audiovisuals. The librarian are very nice. The Kafe is great in taste and price. One of the modern libraries that I have visited. "

19 May 2023


" Perfect and cozy for national library.. Right in the heart of Jakarta. Great book collections. There are several reading rooms available, complete with meeting tables, long chairs, large sofas, perfectly decorated with beautiful artworks, free Wi-Fi and public computer units. The built-in musholla also great & clean. Overall, this national library is spacious and wheelchair friendly. "

20 April 2023


" Nice place to study. However, I just wonder why they prohibit people to drink in the study room. I suggest that as long as we bring water bottle, it will be alright to drink. In principle, the study room is the place for people to study and stay for long hours. How can we stay and linger if drink is not allowed here. "

01 April 2023


" A new atmosphere for literary world in Indonesia. Very comfortable place to read and relax for all family members.
The plus: its 24-stories library building has different floors for each different visitors" needs, including for elderly and children. There are also many studying dessk in every section.

The minus: the lift service is very limited, especially on weekends when many families gathered to spend their leisure in the library. For this time being, even library members are not allowed to take the collection out. "

22 March 2023


" It has lots of book but unluckily you can't bring it home unless you are member "

09 November 2023


" You can find most of old and classic scripts here... just like entering the past. "

20 August 2023


" This is a good place if you want to spend your time in a quiet place. And just a reminder, this place is closed from 23 june 2017-3 sept 2017 bcs they're doing relocation to the new place (in Jl. Medan Merdeka Selatan kav.11). I know about it yesterday when I came to the Library "

03 July 2023


" A lot of book, especially an old book. 👍👍👍 "

06 April 2023


" Available waiting room with hotspot as well, online register for new member, praying room, large parking space "

13 November 2023


" A perfect place to do college assignments. Great collection of books, although you can't borrow them and bring them home. There is no membership fee, and you get a beautiful member card for free. This place also has free wi-fi, although the connection speed is somewhat slow (around 60-100 kB/s the last time I visited) "

30 September 2023


" Buku superlengkap..parkir juga banyak. Lokasi strategis "

26 April 2023


" (+)
Large parking area.
Free membership.
Guest Book & Search Engine are computerized.
Free Wi-Fi.
Learning and Reading Place with Air Conditioner.

Toilet Room at ground floor only.
Unfriendly officers especially on the 3rd Floor.
Not enough electricity socket for charging devices.
Book collections CANNOT be rent, borrowed and carried out.
Only 1 lift can be used and its weight limit under 300kg (5 People). "

18 September 2023


" Tempat resepsi pernikahan my friends.. "

10 January 2023

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