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" Nice station, great waitin place, you have to give more attention on mornin and afternoon of weekdays, its really crowded "

24 May 2023


" One of the busiest commuters train station at Jakarta.
Location between Sudirman street and Thamrin street, the business center of Jakarta. "

21 April 2023


" Cukup bersih, lengkap (ada banyak minimarket dan outlet makanan), petunjuk arah dll juga jelas.
Kalian bisa tunggu ojol datang di pasar blora, tunggu orderan ojol tiba di depan alfamart. Have a safe trip in Jakarta! "

12 April 2023


" Great train station, nice place, sometimes in the morning before 9 AM, very-very crowded, because its the main transport for people working in sudirman. the cheapest transport to go to work. love go wokring using train. It's precise on time when the train coming "

25 March 2023


" One of the best and bussiest commuter line station, there are starbuck, lawson and roti o "

30 October 2023


" Nice station with plenty of stores (Lawson, Starbuck, Roti Boy, Indomaret Point), ATMs and free wifi. Just avoid going here on rush hours and trying to ride train along with office-time workers 😅 "

27 September 2023


" Very crowded on the weekdays since this is the nearest station to reach numerous workplaces.
You can casually buy a cup of joe at Starbucks, buy some snacks, and a quick hot bread at this station.
You can also withdraw bank notes since they provide ATM. "

16 September 2023


" One of the busiest train station at Jakarta. Mostly on rush hour, the platform will extremely packed people, and extra ordinary crowded. But I love this station because near from my office building. They already make the mushola bigger, but still can't afford for current occupancy. "

01 August 2023


" One of the busiest station in town. And beware of rush hour ! Cause you need more energy to get in to commuterline.
There are some stores for resting (such as Starbucks, Roti'o, Indomaret and Alfamart) while waiting the commuterline. And, don't forget there is free wifi in this station ! "

17 June 2023


" Of of the most comfortable and modern train station in Jakarta, but it's really jam-packed with (rushing and often rude) people during busy hours. "

08 June 2023


" It is possibly the busiest commuter train station in Jakarta during business hours while it is not a transit station. "

27 April 2023


" Not recommended when rush hours but everything is great, clean and helpful officer "

22 March 2023


" Greatly furnished small station. Able to accomodate millions of people commuting at this station. "

25 February 2023


" One the best station on jabodetabek with modern architecure design "

27 January 2023

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