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" It was a good experience.. the garden had a lot to offer. But i think the name wasnt suitable for this place, as it didnt have a lot of roses inside. The yard was quite big, with a lot of instagrammable places. The bed was good, TV channel was good. The min was the food is just so so. I stayed for 2 nights and they gave me the same breakfast with fried rice, fried chicken, and sunny side up egg. There was no AC, but the weather was quite chill, especially in the night and morning "

11 May 2023


" Nice place. Not so hot, yet no so cold. Full of flowers. "

16 April 2023


" A good destination for one day relaxing. The hotel offers compliment afternoon snack but the restaurant doesn't have wide variety of food. Their huge garden don't have as much variant of flower as other taman bunga has, as their focus is on the roses. I like the weather: very windy and fresh!
Overall my family loved staying there. "

30 March 2023


" February may not the right time to go to this place because the flower is not fully blown, even you may see the green scenery only. But, if you need relaxation time this place still good for you. You can take a villa for a/several night to take a rest. "

15 February 2023


" Great place to relax, beautiful view and mountain, really fresh air... enjoy vacation with family, ethnic villas and cottage design, large flower garden view. Very recommended place to vacation with family "

27 October 2023


" great place to relax. with cozy situation.. we can bring children here.. there is a huge rose garden in front of the room "

03 September 2023


" Overalls this place is very good for the family and for the couple.. with 15.000 idr .. we can see the any flowers and any tree from another country... We always recommend this place "

25 August 2023


" This great place for your vacation. Just like in swiss village. There is more flower here. danau buatan. Good resto and the very cool views. "

07 July 2023


" Place with a beautiful view of the garden, fresh air, green grass and lots of spots for photographs "

16 March 2023


" Nice view of flower and mountain refreshingly "

12 February 2023


" kalau lagi musim bunganya bersemi pasti luar biasa "

23 September 2023


" Mawar Melati.. Semuanya indah "

24 August 2023


" Kebun bunga Situhapa memiliki beragam bunga yg jarang ditemui ditempat kebun bunga atau penjualan tanaman pada umumnya. Full color dan menyenangkan mengingat lokasi ini terletak pd elevasi diatas 1.300 m udara sejuk walau saat siang.
Ada bebeberapa tempat duduk yg tersebar dgn view masing masing yg indah. Aksesibilitas kedalam masih bisa ditingkatkan. Dilengkapi kantin dan toko souvenir. "

04 April 2023


" Love the rose garden. Best time to come June-August where the rose blossoms "

28 April 2023

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