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" Dekat dengan kosku. Tinggal naik ojek online xukup bayar 5000 langsung sampai. Pusat perbelanjaan ini memang terkenal di kota Semarang. Ramai, lengkap dan yang paling penting harganya bersaing. Kalo pas tanggal muda habis gajian antriannya cukup bikin ngelus dada.

Di Ada swalayan ini selain ada departement store juga dilengkapi supermarket, arena bermain anak anak, foodcourt, pusat elektronik dan stationary. "

28 May 2023


" When you are looking for the cheapest place to shopping, you should consider here. A very complete goods. Outdoor parking area (consider to bring out an umbrella), since the parking lot is quite far from the entrance. Receipt both cash and cards. "

08 April 2023


" Tempat belanja kebutuhan bulanan yg strategis. Terletak di dekat akses tol banyumanik,sehingga Masyarakat dari berbagai penjuru bisa menuju toserba ini dengan mudah. Sangat recommend bagi Kalian yg bertempat tinggal di kawasan Semarang atas,khususnya dari banyumanik dan sekitarnya. Untuk harga barang disini cukup relatif. Sekian & terima kasih. Salam Semarang KAS 👍 "

02 April 2023


" ADA Setiabudi is one of the older shopping mall in Semarang. Despite many newer mall established in Semarang lately, this mall still strive. One of the reason is that, they sell mainly department store product with far cheaper price compared to other malls. Despite its location, which is far away from the heart of the city, it's still strategic enough. People often comes here and the crowd gathered nicely especially during the weekend. If you're near by, there's no harm to visit and grab a bite. "

23 March 2023


" I can call it the heartbeat of the uptown area. Recommended for grocery shopping. "

26 November 2023


" Very good place to visit if you want to buy household stuff. The price is cheap here. "

06 November 2023


" The Cheapest retail store in Banyumanik. For parking you only pay Rp 1000 for motorcycle and Rp 2000 for car. "

21 October 2023


" Good Shopping Center...there are Super Market, Department Store, Mc Donald's. Parking area is spacious. "

25 August 2023


" Very convenient and easy access. Can find many stuffs from grocery, clothes, make up, stationery, and electronic devices. "

16 August 2023


" This supermarket is have an affordable price, quite complete. But the veggies, fruits and meats are little unfresh (or maybe fresh, but the quality aren't good enough). Parking area is looking small and always full, but magicaly I always got the parking spot. "

21 July 2023


" Nice place for shopping daily needs. Pretty cheap n complete enough "

28 June 2023


" Familiar and comfortable place, it's like you know it like the back of ur palm. Somehow its layout and atmosphere and the parking is a whole lot better than the ones at Majapahit & Siliwangi (haven't been to the Fatmawati one). The products prices is lower than other big retail and the mini-dept market setting already has it all for ppl who needs a nice yet affordable getaway. Love how it has McD instead of that new mall nearby that only has -sike- AW. "

06 June 2023


" Prices are cheaper than other supermarket nearby. But, it sells product which sometimes very close to expiry date and not in good condition. I bought "Molto" here and comes out with something like puke,,eww,, and, this happen not only once. The 3rd times I get the same result, I never bought "Molto" again from this store. Sometimes snack also comes out soggy. If you seek cheaper option to buy things (like me 😂), you can shop here.. but remember quality comes with price.. So, watch out.. "

19 April 2023


" Good price but okay quality "

13 April 2023


" This department store has everything that you need with cheapest coast and also offers the discount that will make you shocked with the chepest coast. "

15 March 2023


" one with cheap price .. "

18 January 2023


" Good place for shopping. The price is considerably cheap. Easy to reach by public transportation. Wide parking lot. There is Musholla, Mc Donald's outlet on the 1st floor, food court and children playing area on the top floor. "

26 August 2023


" Complete supermarket and department store. The prices is good especially if bought in bulk (more than 3) "

23 May 2023


" Most favourite and the biggest shopping mall around Banyumanik. Many ATM Bank and discount for everyone. "

21 March 2023

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