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" I like to watch the cinema here because it is not so crowded, the parking area close to the elevator, clean toilets also friendly service popcorn is good here "

18 May 2023


" As expected from an XXI cinema, the service is top notch (though sometimes they will try to make you buy their popcorn/drinks and it can feel slightly oppresive. SLIGHTLY). We visited this XXI to watch Avengers: Infinity War and it was very much full. Yet even then, they managed the day just fine. Well done! "

03 May 2023


" This XXI is good have Dolby Atmos Audio at Cinema 1. But expensive food and drinks. This Mall Paragon have very EXPENSIVE Car Park. "

27 April 2023


" Good cinema. Large screen. Awesome soundsystem. Clean toilet.But... price of snacks, popcorn & drinks are very expensive. Parking cost at the mall also very high. "

04 April 2023


" Nice place for relax. You can order it by Mtix. "

26 February 2023


" What a so so movie theatre. The movies played here is so mainstream n popular. It seems like they avoid to play indie and another uncommon movies "

31 August 2023


" Tickets are more expensive compared to other cinemas, but that the price you must pay for luxury inside the mall "

29 June 2023


" Nice location, good surround system & comfortable seats. "

13 June 2023


" Very good theater, cozy place n best theater "

03 June 2023


" Bioskop terkane di Semarang. Tempatnya bersih, toiletnya nyaman juga, pelayanannya juga baik. Meskipun harga tiketnya rada mahal tapi worth it kok.

Cuma tadi (14/10) masa lagi nonton The Accountant tbtb studionya mati dan lampunya nyala, entah kenapa😂 "

14 October 2023


" Best theater in Semarang. Can be very cold inside bring a jacket. "

26 July 2023


" What a quick premiere, even earlier than US "

19 June 2023


" Very good, the sound are very clear and the bass are really felt. But the price is so high, because at semarang, there's just a little amount of movie theater. "

22 August 2023

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