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" Sekarang sangat nyaman. Ada fasilitas umum yang standard di stasiun kereta api. Lalu ditambah lagi dengan alunan musik pengamen profesional yang memang menyanyikan lagu dengan sangat baik dan profesional di dekat smoking area. Tidak sulit menemukan petunjuk-petunjuk umum. Petugas juga sangat ramah dan menyapa. Mereka siap membantu bila anda mengalami kebingungan. Terimakasih banyak atas perbaikan fasilitas ini.. dibandingkan dengan pengalaman hampir dua puluh tahun lalu. Selamat!!! "

30 May 2023


" Stasiun Malang stasiunnya kecil tapi sangat ramai lapangan parkir yang notabene diluar stasiun tidak dapat berfungsi sebagaimana mestinya karena banyak sekali dimanfaatkan oleh pedagang kaki lima dan kenderaan yang berhenti sembarangan menyebabkan parkir kenderaan harus agak jauh dari stasiun. Tidak adanya tempat duduk menyebabkan banyak penumpang yang duduk dilantai. Pintu keberangkatan dan pintu kedatangan yang terpisah menjadikan lalu lintas agak teratur tapi untuk banyaknya penumpang yang dilayani menjadikan stasiun ini tampak semerawut. "

06 May 2023


" there is a waiting area, parking is fairly easy to reach. porters ready to serve. unfortunately the waiting chair is often used to put the goods. "

05 April 2023


" The information for ticket reservation is pretty low, the queue number are confusing, suggest to ask more information before doing everything.
The service is pretty unfriendly, the reservation ticket box doesn't give a good solution to customers. "

02 March 2023


" Clean, good service and confortable surely. Proud of this and as I live in Kediri, I really hope that our station will be as great as the one which in in Malang! "

29 October 2023


" Good enough, than another city station. Very crowded, especially during weekend. It's much better if you're already have the ticket, because the queue sometimes can't be tolerated. "

21 September 2023


" Simple station by the main road.
It is crowded, passengers and relatives waiting.
Only those about to board are allowed to be inside.
Quite systematic.
A little distance from the entrance are companies dealing with freight. "

21 August 2023


" Nice and clean railway station! And you better book your ticket online... if you want something to eat or drink, better buy them before you check your self in to the station. "

24 July 2023


" Clean stations....trying adventure transportation by using online car that bloked by conventional taxi. It need special arrangement by follow guidance from the driver. Soon or later new wave will disrupt existing comfort zone transportation system like others city..... "

01 July 2023


" This place is really clean now that they got rid of local Street Seller/PKL. No offense to them "

25 June 2023


" A main gayeway to many places around. The place is good, the waiting room is quite big. "

19 April 2023



Kota baru station is unfortunate stationmaster. It's developed at the time of Indonesia's independence.

This station is located in a strategic place, which's close to the town hall, close to the town square, close to the RSSA and close to the field Rampal.

This station's connected to the traffic north of Java and cross south of Java. No wonder there're trains executives like Gajayana and Bima, there're also economic train like Matarmaja and Penataran.

Facilities within the station is complete. We need'nt to have "pedagang asongan" like the old days. Which's lived to be addressed now is the purchase of the ticket hall. How the settings to allow passenger trains are'nt crowding in a queue to buy a ticket. "

06 March 2023


" Quite nice station. It has underground way, so we can cross rails safely... "

24 February 2023


" Nice train station.. lots of waiting option.. snack.. rest room.. love it "

28 December 2023


" The facility is not convienience for passangger with luggage "

27 October 2023


" Stasiun yang bener bener bersih tertib dan nyaman sekali. Fasilitas cukup komplit. Arsitektur jadul jadul berseni. Toilet terjaga. "

04 April 2023

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