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" An alternative place for your family vacation to improve our knowledge about animals and enjoy the green space in SBY concurently. Only pay 15k rupiah you can already enjoy many kind of animals collection. Besides, the zoo located next to historical monument of Surabaya which shows fight between shark and crocodile as the origin of this city's name.

Many things had been improved since my last visit several years back. Its hygine much more better, animals looks great regardless to negative news spread by bad guys, and of course more instagramable which suits these days kids and teenager. Let us save this great zoo together !! "

09 May 2023


" The one and only zoo in Surabaya, in the past they have a lot of issues regarding cleanliness and how they treat their animals, but in my recent visits I have discovered that there has been lots of improvement. The place is clean, the animal looked well-kept, and it looks like they are doing a lot of remodelling, overall a great place to visit with your family. Maybe in the future they can add more animals. "

02 May 2023


" it's been a while, nice place, cool vibe, you can still found some nice quiet spot inside it. minus one star because of those sometimes loud annoying music. "

17 April 2023


" Terakhir main ke KBS (Kebun Binatang Surabaya) waktu TK besar, dan baru kesini lagi pas umur 20 th 😂. Dan sekarang bonbin makin cakep, ya walaupun satwanya ga sebanyak dulu ya gais ..
Enak banget buat kumpul keluarga sekedar piknik kecil kecilan. Tiket masuknya murah syekaliii cuma Rp.15.000,- kalian bisa keliling secapeknyaa..
Jadi masih mau main jauh ? 😁

Ps :. Foto yg aku post ini waktu piknik temen" BEM U akhir bulan Maret 2018. Dan kita makannya di menara yang hitz.. tapi pas abis hujan jadi yaa agak becek 😂. Pas lupa ga bawa tiker. "

05 April 2023


" It's great to visit the zoo right now. It's now clean and good to bring children to educate them about animals. But I wish there will be Lion :( "

03 February 2023


" It is OK to get fresh air here. But not for the zoo. Let's make it better for the animal to live "

09 December 2023


" This is a big zoo. Have lots of birds of different varieties much to my delight. Also the care for animals is great here. The working personnel very much treat the animals very well which I witnessed personally. They maintain the area very well except for one part where they have a water body. They have taken pain to maintain the habitat according to the animal particular space is keeping. It have a large area to walk trust me. "

06 December 2023


" Sekarang sudah berbenah lebih baik, apalagi sekarang daerah akuarium sudah diperbaiki, kebun binatang legend yang pasti didatangi sebuah keluarga hingga generasi ke 3-4, the best show in town. "

18 November 2023


" Very nice place, animals are well treated now.
Their food are supplied well, their condition are much better than years ago. "

19 October 2023


" Surabaya zoo is now far better than it was 5 years ago. The animals are healthy. It's clean, big, and good for a family picnic. It has new features so you can do outbound for kids, take a selfie with special background, etc "

26 August 2023


" It has been months and this place still isn't shutdown. There should be action taking towards this inhumane zoo. Killing Tigers fir what?? or any animal for that matter! Exotic ones. There needs to be legal justice and fines for all who work there and own the so called zoo. "

23 July 2023


" Probably nicest zoo of all of Indonesia. Very well kept. Lots of different kind of animals (monkeys, giraffe, zebra, birds, elephants, crocodiles, tigers...which also look healthy and well taken care off. Only thing smoking should be prohibited for visitors and employees. I was on my own but a fun place for family and kids. Definitely worth a visit "

08 July 2023


" Hang on a second? Is it still open? Why the Surabaya government hasn't shut down this zoo? Being the largest zoo in Southeast Asia is nothing if the animals in there are suffering. Please take action! "

01 July 2023


" I haven't gone and I never want to. I could barley watch a video of just pictures of this living hell they can call a "Zoo". Makes me sick. I don't know if anybody would know this, but is it true that they shut down? Also, are you able to call this place? Just wondering because I'd really love to give them a piece of my mind in any way posibble. (Preferable over phone) "

25 June 2023


" I think the infamous surabaya zoo (bonbin Surabaya) is now in an aweful condition... the animals are terrified and need lots of attention... the management is not doing a good enough job... "

14 April 2023


" Animals are being starved here!!! Not properly treated or cared for, the cages are sooo tiny and small, no space for the animals to roam around. It's disgusting! Why do people pay to see such a thing? Animals are literally dying here & people still come to this trashy place?! Never again... This place needs to be shut down!! This is a bad reflection of their country, they don't care! Stop the abuse, feed your own animals properly, clean up the damn place, make more room for them or just give them to a sanctuary that will love and care for them if you all can not!! "

21 February 2023


" There are so many mistreated and starving animals, eating their own feces and junk food to stay alive, kept in tiny cages... There is no vet to care for the hundreds of animals here. Some of these animals and critically endangered and are here, suffering. PLEASE do not support this horrible zoo and do anything you can to shut it down "

31 January 2023


" It is not as bad as the review actually. Just try to adjust your visiting time. Don't go on weekend or public holiday or school holiday..just dont. You will see people more than the animals there "

28 December 2023


" Zoo of Surabaya city. It is was very beautiful place to visit, especially for children. But, over this time this place has decrease it's visitors. So, Surabaya government cant maintain some animals, at least the most animals dead. "

25 September 2023


" It's not true. Surabaya Zoo now is better than before. I'm Surabaya People. And i visited surabaya zoo this morning (July, 31, 2016) So, i think, everyone who said, this zoo must be closed. I said. YOU MUST VISIT SURABAYA ZOO "

30 July 2023


" Barbaric. Needs to be shut down immediately. Bless the poor souls subjected to those hellish, cruel conditions. "

25 May 2023


" The condition of this zoo appears to be very poor. Skinny monkeys with no shade from the sun didnt appear to be having fun. Kangaroo naturall habitat is not a concrete slab. Animals here don't look very happy. The bird cages are small. It is sad to see a place that is cruel to animals. Go to a different tourism object if you dont want to see humiliating painful treatment of animals. With a few million dollars this zoo could be really great. "

28 March 2023

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