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" This was my 2nd (3rd depending on how you count) trip with Wicked and, consistent with my past trips, I had a great time in spite of some logistical challenges.

The trip was the first week of the season and would have been the first week on a new boat for Wicked. Apparently there were some problems with the new boat, which wasn't ready for showtime, so the staff had to make last minute arrangements to charter a different boat for us to use. Since I can't comment on the boat Wicked will be using going forward, I'll limit my feedback to the staff and the diving, which both were great.

As I mentioned, the staff had to call an audible at the last minute and switch us to a charter boat, which meant that for the 4 days / 3 nights of our trip, everybody was improvising. The crew did an awesome job considering that they were learning a new boat that wasn't configured as a dedicated diving boat. I didn't hear a single complaint and everybody had smiles on their faces the whole time.

We ended up having 4 days of amazing diving. Conditions were great and the weather cooperated in a big way - not a single drop of rain. We got all 11 dives in and they were amazing, thanks in no small part to our excellent dive guides. My group had Safri, a Labuan Bajo local, and he seemed to know these dive site like the back of his hand.

Overall, I'm impressed with the trip Wicked was able to put together, in spite of some adversity at the beginning of the trip. It's a real testament to Ann (trip leader) and her team that they were able to pull this off. I wish them the best of luck with the rest of the season and hopefully things settle down a bit once they're permanently on their new boat! "

18 April 2023

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