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" The place to stay if you wish to explore North-East Sulawesi, both close to sea and jungle.
Sea is literally in front of the cottages, Lembeh strait features nice coral reef and unique "sea critters". Jungle is only 1-hour drive by car, where you can see Tarsius and Black Macaque (Tangkoko Nature Reserve), food is fresh and various and accomodation/services are top -choice. "

19 May 2023


" Great View..even we are not diving... "

29 December 2023


" Love this place ❤❤ "

21 September 2023


" Its different for who like more private place. "

14 November 2023


" From the friendly, attentive staff both in and out of the water, in and outside the villa; to the great variety and high quality of its food. I mean WOW. This was truly a treat for me as I’m currently a student in East Java… And I can confidently say they could charge more than they do given what you get.

FOOD: I’ll start with the cuisine because I was incredibly deprived back in the town I live in East Java. Not only is the menu surprisingly extensive, but everything is à la carte and made-to-order. For breakfast, you get to pick TWO entrees (which you probably will be unable to finish). After trying several dishes, I highly recommend you order the breakfast KBR—but switch the bread for their homemade croissant, pick sausage as your meet, then ask for an extra order of their homemade smoked bacon as your 2nd entrée (see the attached picture - you will thank me later).

For lunch and dinner, selections are quite similar. Each is 3-course (app, main, dessert), NO buffet. You get to pick from local Minahasan delicacies, in addition to some American, Italian, Japanese, and even Chinese and Brazilian dishes. Saturdays are pizza nights, by the way. I stayed there for 6 days and tried something different 95% of the time. My only complaints are the veggie burger and Thai chicken salad—not that great. EVERYTHING else I had though was incredibly delicious. Some of my favorites and must-tries: Minahasan fish curry (fresh tuna or mahi-mahi), chimichanga lunch, fish in coconut sauce (a.k.a. Brazilian curry, quite different from Minahasan, also worth a try), woku belanga, and Minahasan calamari.

DIVING: it is a dive resort after all, so I should share next how the incredible staff at the dive shop quickly changed my perspective as a diver and made me fall in love with the microorganisms and magic of muck diving. It was my first time diving outside colorful coral walls, so Lembeh was a land for of surprises for me. The guides are SO GOOD at finding these colorful little fellas—I felt like a child, full of wonder, discovering a world so foreign to me. In fact, now I think I prefer muck diving over what I saw in Bunaken! Please note though, Lembeh is NOT just muck diving: we hit a variety of sites that mixed coral rubble and even some wonderful coral walls such as Angel’s Window and California Dreaming. Even the house reef was full of beauty.

ROOM/VILLA: wow wow wow. And wow again. I had a traditional villa: a tad big for a solo traveler like myself, but the desk and living area were so inviting that I found myself having my afternoon tea/writing frequently inside my villa (hard decision to make when you have equally-stunning views from the restaurant). By the way, coffee and tea are unlimited and included in the price: you may order any time and have it delivered to your villa. I highly recommend their ginger tea, with fresh chunks of ginger in the pot. Mmmm.

STAFF and GROUNDS: BEARY! Wow, I’ve never met such a sweet, dedicated manager. He carefully went through everything I would ever need to know about the resort upon arrival/check-in—and I saw him doing the same with other travelers that arrived shortly after I did. The rest of their staff were just as attentive and sweet—without being intrusive. They really got a kick out of me being able to speak Bahasa Indonesia, so pleasant to practice with them! Another great thing I have to say about the staff: I saw many of them cleaning the debris that would wash up to the shore of the resort’s beach. Sometimes trash from the mainland once up here, but they make sure staking out of site ASAP. Another wonderful thing to see.

What else can I say? I was truly enchanted by KBR. Then, their sweet goodbye song?! I was a mess on the way to the airport! Really, my heart was aching as I was driving away from this paradise. I cannot wait to go back, hopefully with a fiancé or husband then, so I get to relive, to SHARE the beautiful magic of KBR. Terima kasih banyak semua!

21 February 2023

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