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" An ancient palace with a simple but meaningful carving. This is a well-preserved historical legacy. Even though this palace once burned out but it was rebuilt as it was.
Like most royal palaces on the island of Sumatra, Pagaruyung palace is also made of wood with good quality . This palace has the shape like house on stilts with stairs, but not quite high.
The characteristic of the Pagaruyung Palace is its unique architecture with a roof that resembles buffalo horn which is made of fibers.
This palace has three floors and the interior is decorated with colorful Malay trinkets and ornaments .
On the first floor various relics of royal heritage items such as kris (ceremonial knife), musical instruments such as small gongs, pots made of copper, clothing, slippers, sticks, containers for incense, cigarette pipe, copper bowls are displayed. Not to mention mannequins dressed in traditional Minang outfits.
On the second floor there is a large empty space and right at the corner there is a bed of the King covered with a mosquito net.
On the third floor there are three chairs and one round table and there is also an old wooden wardrobe nearby . The room is so artistic with an old fashioned lamp hanging on its ceiling. The walls are decorated with carvings of yellow, green, brown, black colors with classical nuances. From this third floor visitors can see the incredible scenery in the surrounding. Photographers would love this spot. Spacious gardens on the left, right, front and back of the palace present stunning views. "

02 June 2023


" I love the architecture. One of the best etnic house in Indonesia. Unfortunely there is nothing can make me stay longer after travelling so far to this place. Took the photo outside and inside then leave in 30 minutes. Too bad... "

25 May 2023


" It's beautiful palace in West Sumatra. You can rent "baju adat" here for female or male. The place is clean, and the people friendly. It will be better if there's any tour guide to explain the historical story of the palace. "

29 April 2023


" A very good site both for recreational and education. History rich site reflects West Sumatra people live at that time. "

10 April 2023


" An amazing historical palace, lots of people come here, so it usually gets crowded, you could put on a costume of traditional Padang clothes, you could enjoy a horse ride, a guide car, the entrance ticket isn't pricey for the locals, but a little pricier for the foreigners. "

27 March 2023


" What an amazing ancient place to visit. With only 15000 rupiahs (for domestic tourist) and 25000 rupiahs (for foreign tourist), you could get an entrance ticket and enjoy good journey inside this old palace. You can also hire a tour guide or buy nice picture of yourself from photographer inside the area. "

28 February 2023


" The place is beautiful and has a cool air. It's also suitable as a place for history learning and recreation with family. "

10 November 2023


" Beautiful historical places with good scenery around and you can wear their traditional wardrobe named Suntiang for only 35k rupiah! Highly recommended! "

18 October 2023


" The 'Istano Basa Pagaruyung' is an iconic palace of Batu Sangkar. The traditional palace is very well kept and also offers traditional clothes for visitor. "

26 September 2023


" Great Place. Have a great moment eith your family here. Don't forget take a picture :D "

24 September 2023


" This traditional Minang palace is very nice. You can hire traditional Minang costume to take a picture with only IDR35.000 for one set, except the sandals. "

14 August 2023


" Cultural place in west sumatra. You can wear a traditional dress here for Rp 35.000 per person (june 2017) "

14 July 2023


" Crowded on holidays. There's an 'odong-odong' ride around the complex for 5K per person. "

02 July 2023


" This is the traditional house of minangkabau, the outside and the inside is so majestic, beautiful and extraordinary architecture. Only with 15.000 IDR, you can enjoy the beauty of this custom house. "

23 April 2023


" Interesting, when we were there, school students were practicing traditional dance and musics. A good visit, but very hot in the noon. "

11 March 2023


" I love minangkabau!!! i love the culture and tradition of minangkabau!! "

25 January 2023


" What a great place to visit! I've never thought that Minangkabau has a beautiful place like this Pagaruyung Palace "

03 September 2023


" The center of minangkabau culture, awesome place.. now, there is a long stairs behind the palace to the top hill, it's called "janjang 1001" "

08 August 2023


" Amazingly built traditional palace of Pagaruyung. Each part of the palace has its own function and clearly explained. This huge palace used to be im existence of King and his family, equipped with its food barn added with extremely great surrounding view "

12 July 2023

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