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" I personally liked the 3-terminal (A,B,C) set-up they used to have. Right now they are under construction to make it one big airport. This is a waste of money and will make the airport more crowded. Having each terminal separate made it really easy for drop off and pick up. In the future there will be more walking to get where you are going.

I'm very for positive change that is worth the money spent, but from what I've seen, heard and read it isn't worth the money they are spending. I fly a LOT and the Kansas City Airport is has always been my favorite because it was so much more efficient with the 3-separate terminals. Now they will probably have LONG security waits like the rest of the airports in the USA. It is nice to walk in and be through security in less than 5 minutes. Once they finish the "new" airport I assume it will be 30+ minutes standing in long security lines with everyone flying on every flight with every carrier.

Bad idea MCI! Too late now... "

02 January 2023


" Clean areas. But almost every store and food/drink place was closed. "

09 September 2023


" I really enjoy flying out of this airport. It is arranged in a different manner and it is somewhat dated as a whole, but it is so easy to navigate. I have never tried to switch airlines for a connecting flight at this airport but I imagine that based on the way it’s organized that doing something like that might be odd.

I will say that parking or dropping off someone for a flight here is super easy. Of all the airports I have flown out of I don’t know of any where parking or curbside pickups are more convenient.

Flown out of here probably over 100x’s. Great airport, "

21 August 2023


" It's *wee*, which is both good and bad.
The good news about being small is that there are very few gates per security checkpoint - which means that you're *in* within, oh, a few minutes of lining up.
The bad news of being small is that there is, pretty much, *nothing* there. There is a small joint to get some beer, a coffee shop or two, and that's about it.

So, the deal is that you don't plan on spending any kind of serious time at the airport. Me, i get there with around 40 minutes to go before my flight - and since I carry on, it's all good.
The issue, however, is that if your flight is delayed, then you're stuck...

Note - the place is in the middle of nowhere, it's like a 30 minute drive w/ not traffic to get there from the city... "

16 April 2023


" This is a very poorly designed airport. It’s arranged in small, cramped pods as terminals leaving very little room for security or for sitting at your gate. If you want food or to use restroom best to do it before you go through security as these things are not readily available after security and forget about it if there are a lot of people there. Baggage claim is a joke. Takes forever for bags to come and becomes seriously overcrowded because of all the airlines sharing one bag claim. Security when leaving the airport is nonexistent. Every airport I’ve ever been does not allow parking in front. In Kansas City, people double park in two lanes across the front with no security moving the traffic along. At times all lanes in front of airport at a stand still when there are multiple arrivals. Avoid this airport if possible. "

23 March 2023


" I am a frequent business traveler, but passed through in October with my family. Please, please, please update this airport! It is wildly out of date. Every bathroom needs to be remodeled and expanded. The waiting area is tiny and cramped. Food options past security are very limited in most terminals. VOTE YES ON THE NEW AIRPORT!! "

06 November 2023


" Doesn't really offer the amenities of a large airport... must exit security for food/shopping. That being said, not super busy and can get through security in "

28 October 2023


" They took too long for their shuttle service, don't they know who I am. I am quite literally a descendant of the bootleg god of impatience. I will have you know I watch Rick and Morty and demand to be treated with respect. They also didn't have the complementary Mountain Dew I expected them to have. "

17 October 2023


" The worst airport in the country. The only people who like using it are the small vocal minority, who don't check bags, need to rent a car, use the bathroom, but some food, catch a hotel van, sit in a chair, or need some personal space. The gate areas are over crowded, restrooms always have lines, nothing good to eat except 3 day old sandwiches, no where to sit, 2 baggage carousels for 15 flights, no where to plug in to charge, shuttle pick up areas are exposed to rain and wind, curb side pickup and drop off are jam packed... shall I go on? This airport is an embarrassment to KC. "

17 July 2023


" My Beef with this airport is the after security section. Its antiquated, small, stuffy, there is one small coffee stand that charges $4.50 for a coffee. There is one Restaurant called 'Top of the Crown'. Its a Kansas City Royals (Major league Baseball Team) Themed Restaurant. I cant complain about it as they were really nice and I just had a coffee. But the worst thing of all, is that there is only one washroom that has one urinal and one stall for the entire secured area. I literally had to line up. For all the planning in the world I cant figure out what person thought hey we only need one washroom. This place is in desperate need of an upgrade or 5. "

21 June 2023

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